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What we do

Multi-location warehouse, batches, expiry date, automatic inventory rotation and more

Multi-location warehouse managed live via a mobile app

  • Orders Picking.
  • Picked Orders Checking.
  • Location transfer.
  • Warehouse transfer.
  • Trucks Loading.
  • Purchases receiving.
  • Purchase receivings checking.
  • Inventory count.
  • Picking spots replenishment.

Promotion module

  • Promotions with or without supplier participation.
  • By sales level (buy 3 and get 10%, buy 10 and get 15%, etc.) .
  • Depending on the sales unit (cash, pallet).
  • For one, one group or all products.
  • For one, one group or all customers.
  • With or without b/o follow-up.

List of customer prices and chains

  • Price list for “masters” customers applicable to all customers in its grouping.
  • List of specific prices per customer. Start and end date by product.
  • “Contract” price management with price based on guaranteed sales volume and real-time quantity tracking.

Batches, expiry date, automatic turnover

  • Enter batches and expiry dates upon purchases receiving.
  • Batch management and expiration by product categories with exceptions by product.
  • Management of expiry dates separately from batch management
  • Fillings of “pickings” according to batches expiring the earliest.
  • Specific management of “close to expiry” products according to your settings.

Purchase Quotes

  • Simultaneously sending a list of products to a select number of suppliers.
  • Option to find suppliers to the desired product list.
  • Option to send the only products that this supplier provides among the desired products.

Advanced purchases ordering suggestions

  • Needs calculations according to the next X months (3 choices) and quantity suggestions adjusted by the fluctuation of sales last year over the previous year so you don’t overstock items that slowed down or on the contrary increase the inventory of items with growing sales.

Documents, certificates linked to the batches and sent with the invoice

  • Documents and their expiry associated with products, product suppliers and/or specific batches.
  • Sending or automatically printing documents with invoice
  • Tracking document expirations.

Tracking imports

  • Follow all the steps of your import purchases at a glance.
  • Make sure that all papers and information are received before arrival at the port thus prevent the very expensive “parking” fees at the port.
  • Get and share up-to-date information continuously with your entire team.

Return of goods allowed

  • Return with multi-step permission as needed.
  • Follow-up steps to prevent misses.
  • Stock is re-stocked according to batch validation and expiry.
  • Supplier claim.
  • Credit to the customer.
Our processes

We develop relationships with our customers, then we develop their software

Needs analysis and assessment

We seek to understand you, assess your needs and value them so that you decide what is essential for your business.

Initial meetings with your team.
Tour of current needs and irritants.
Process analysis.

Budget assessment.
Because there’s always one!

Meeting to go deeper in the details.
Detailing all of the initial points.
Questionning on your processes.
In-depth analysis.

Detailed quote, point by point, with budget planned. Establishing the implementation phases.

Installation and customization

Meetings, discussions, analysis, questions to clarify and identify the details, requirements and expectations in order to develop your options so that they fit your reality.

Installing the Software base in test mode.
Connection with the accounting test company.

Development of custom options.

Validation of developments by the customer.

Training, integration and migration

Various training methods will be offered to meet your needs.
On-site support during migration.
A partner who follows you throughout the growth of your business with solutions sticking to your current and future reality, does that speak to you?

Employee training.

Migration of systems.

Tracking, adjusting and planning for subsequent phases

Our Customers

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