About Us

We are professionals who have been developping softwares for more than 20 years

Innovation Mobile is a team of specialists in operations management and software development who will assist you from the first discussions, the training of your teams and the migration on our software, thus ensuring that the solution implemented will be in line with your initial demand, your operational reality and that it will meet or exceed your expectations.

Our mission

Develop long-term relationships with our customers to create softwares that meet their expectations, meet their uniqueness and evolve at their own pace.

Our goal

Go beyond our customers’ satisfaction by giving them the levers of growth that will enable them to exceed their goals! Our goal is reached when our customers refer us.

Our story

Before the softwares, we develop solid relationships with our customers


Founding of Innovation Mobile Inc.


Launch of Evolution – Delivery

Management of operations and deliveries for building supplies stores


Launch of Pilier (Evolution – Construction)

Project management, worked hours by decrees.

Development of customized transport solutions.


Launch of Evolution- Service

Project management, multi-rate time management, multi-warehouse inventory management (mobile units).


Launch of Evolution – Excavation

Project and phases management solution for the excavation industry, civil engineering.


Launch of Evolution – Distribution

Batch management, expiry dates, documents (COA, allergens, etc.), import monitoring, production management

Development of a customized solution for the manufacture of roof trusses, floor joists and prefabricated wall


Launch of Evolution – Office Equipment Management

Service contract, follow-up of consumable alerts, contract billing, service call management

First incursion into the dealer world with Evolution – Service

Internal assembly task that adds parts and labour to the cost of the assembled product (PDI)
Management by department


Evolution – Distribution version 2

Mobile warehouse management by sector with multi-locations, multi-lots, promotional module, purchases with quantities adjusted according to sales fluctuations.


Evolution – Office Equipment Management Version 2

Connection to Lexmark Fleet Manager, model brand database for consumables, counters and other, scanning billing, waste toner bottle management


Launch of our telemetry division – IM Telematics

Geotab Associate Dealer, Geolocation Solutions



New audits management customized solution for Les éleveurs de volaille du Québec
First customer with canada-wide offices.
New schedule, leave and worked hours for a company with more than 450 employees
New adaptation for the management of office furniture and accessories operations.


Evolution – Service adds strings to its bow: Post-sinister management and equipment rental
New adaptation for Evolution – Distribution, adding more versatility


What makes us strong

Let us introduce you to our team

Denis Marois


Bachelor Management Computer Science, Sherbrooke University

35 years of experience in custom software development

1996 – Founder-creator of SoluSoft, one of the first accounting software on Windows to drilldown from the financial statements to the original transaction.

2003- Matériaux Coupal, Shareholder and CIO (now a division of RONA since 2005)

Development of operations management softwares for 9 stores and 4 plants:

Production system software for Truss Experts (roof trusses and floor joists plants)

MRP system for Boiseries Pro ( interior finishing division)

Distribution and management of deliveries for the stores with a mobile application for the drivers first developed on PALM (TREO) and then on Apple IOS (iPhones only arrived in Canada in 2008)

2010 – Founding of Innovation Mobile Inc.

Patrice Archambault


Graduated in computer electronics from the Herzing Institute

Graduated in Windev-Webdev programming at LSI Group

More than 25 years of computer experience

1994 – Founder of Comtech Informatique: IT, hardware and network management

2007 – Matériaux Coupal, Network Administrator

2010 – Founding of Innovation Mobile Inc.

Patrick Julien

Director of Business Development

Bachelor Business Administration, UQAM
More than 30 years of experience in operations management and SMB management

1998 – Mr. Muffler Franchisee

2004 – Bell Store Manager (Bell RCC Franchise)

2007 – Matériaux Coupal, Store Director
Co-responsible for the network’s continuous improvement project
Active participation in the implementation of management systems (training, implementation, integration)

2015 – WWG Totaline (Carrier Canada), Director, Sherbrooke branch opening

2016 – Joins the Innovation Mobile Inc. team

Our Customers