Evolution MFP Software

Management of profitability by client, by contract, by project, by task, by brands and models and by employee ... In real time!

Connectivity to current accounting softwares

  • Acomba,
  • Avantage,
  • Acomba X,
  • Solusoft
  • and others

Connectivity with fleet management softwares (such as Lexmark Fleet Manager, PrintFleet or others)

Consumables and Counters management by Make and Models

Service Contracts Management

  • Multiple Appliances
  • Contract inclusions by product groups you define
  • Automatic Copy counts invoicing by base fee and/or copy block w/wo cost per page and/or cost per page for extra copies
  • Toners only contracts ability
  • Send counters request by email for non-connected devices
  • Invoicing of scans over a % of total copy count made within the period at a cost per scan rate
  • Contract’s renewal and increments planning

Integrated consumables alerts management

  • Set up alert limits by « consumables » products and customize these limits per contract to suit your customer’s volumes
  • Alert’s Widget on the dashboard counting the number of alerts and enabling immediate treatment of alerts by creating orders or tasks depending on product’s configurations.
  • Manage your customers’ overstock with “min” “max” and follow toner replacements thus protecting you against false alarms
  • Multiple consumables per contract, per appliance
  • As many as you want to track or as your fleet management software reads!
  • You decide: Toners (C, Y, M, B, K), Drums, maintenance kits, toner bags, fusers, etc.

Service Calls Management with a mobile APP for the technicians

  • Tasks with work orders management
  • Work orders with multiple appliances
  • Dispatch your calls or your technicians or let them auto-assign their own calls, you choose
  • Travelling and work time per appliance, per work order, per task simultaneously
  • Gestion des réparations “hors contrat” dans le même bon de travail.
  • Work time can be invoiced on real time or at flat rate, in that case, real time is put as cost of flat rate
  • Mobile APP manages vehicle’s inventory and warehouse transfers.
  • Capture your work order’s copy and scan counts for historical reference
  • Access the appliance’s repairs history on site
  • Add pictures or documents and access them on site.
  • Your technician takes a picture; you receive it in no time, linked to the work order, the task and the customer

CRM module adapted to your industry

  • Fill in your prospect’s appliances details (supplier, rent, end date, monthly volume) for as many appliances they have   
  • Enter follow ups notes and sort them by subject, by project, by appliance
  • Set up recalls on your dashboard, by SMS and/or email for a customer, a quote, an appliance, a task

Warehouse Management

  • Multiples warehouses, multiple product units    
  • Inventory Counts Module
  • Full transactions and product changes detailed historical data
  • Merchandise warehouse transfer module
  • Min max and product location by warehouse
  • Manage serial numbers on receiving and or on sale when needed
  • Labour, messages and non-stocking products

Quotes and Orders Module

  • Transfer your quote to an order or a task by the simple push of a button.  Partial transfer of quotes also available


  • Purchase Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock shortages Management

Profitability by customer, by contract, by project, by task, by Make and Model and by employee… In real time!