Evolution General Software

Connectivity to current accounting softwares

  • Acomba,
  • Acomba X,
  • Avantage,
  • Solusoft
  • and others

Construction oriented Project Management

Create models and plan in a time-grid all their stages and steps

  • Purchase orders with required order sending delay
  • Employees, suppliers and subcontractors with required planning delay and work lengths
  • Link steps dependant on one and other
    (Electricity and plumbing before drywall, for example)
  • Models can be defined in floors and/or rooms depending on the stage or step

Go from model to project and the production schedule builds up instantly from expected date of delivery.

Widgets light up on the dashboard advising of orders to send or suppliers or subcontractors to confirm.

Move a job linked to another and all the following tasks will follow the move and suppliers or subcontractors will automatically be advised of changes

Display the complete production schedule of all your projects in a single view to easily foresee your workload

Quotes and Orders Module

  • Transfer your quote to an order or a task by the simple push of a button. Partial transfer of quotes also available

Profitability by customer, by contract, by model, by project, by task and by employee… In real time!

Management of your Employees worktime per decree with a mobile APP

  • Tasks with work orders management
  • Follow your mobile employees actions on your dashboard
  • Dispatch your calls or your technicians or let them auto-assign their own calls, you choose
  • Decree management in task and work order for invoicing as for time sheets purposes
  • Report of worked hours by employee, by decree
  • Travelling and work time by model, by project, by work order, by task simultaneously
  • Work time can be invoiced on real time or at flat rate, in that case, real time is posted as cost of flat rate
  • Mobile APP manages vehicle’s inventory and warehouse transfers.
  •  Add pictures or documents and access them on site.
    Pictures taken or added are linked to the work order, the task and the customer


  • Purchase Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock shortages Management

CRM module adapted to your industry

  • Enter follow up notes and sort them by subject, by project, by appliance
  • Set up recalls on your dashboard, by SMS and/or email for a customer, a quote, an appliance, a task

Warehouse Management

  • Multiples warehouses, multiple product units
  • Inventory Counts Module
  • Full transactions and product changes detailed historical data
  • Merchandise warehouse transfer module
  • Min max and product location by warehouse
  • Manage serial numbers on receiving and or on sale when needed
  • Labour, messages and non-stocking products