Evolution Distribution Software

Connectivity to current accounting softwares

  • Acomba,
  • Avantage,
  • Solusoft,
  • Acomba X
  • and others

Customizable Dashboard per Employee functions and per employee

Evolved Warehouse Management

  • Multiples warehouses, multiple product units
  • Multiple locations per product
  • Multiple products per locations
  • Multiple batches per product per locations
  • Min max and product locations by warehouse
  • Batch and expiry dates management
  • Documents and certifications management by product, by supplier, by batch
  • Manage documents, expiry dates and send them to your customer when his order is shipped
  • Inventory Counts Module
  • Full transactions and product changes detailed historical data
  • Warehouses transfer module
  • Manage serial numbers on receiving and/or on sale, when needed
  • Labour products, messages products and non-stocking products

Warehouse operations “live” via a mobile device with barcode scanner

  • Purchase order receiving
  • Advise that order is in but not controlled
  • Purchase order control check
  • Control received quantities and move skids in their locations
  • Widgets for discrepancies and to post in stock
  • Stock location movement
  • Picking spots replenishment
  • Annual inventory count module
  • Customer order’s picking
  • Define locations groups to split order picking upon these groups
  • Allows for partial order picking by warehouse sectors you define
  • Print skid labels
  • Automatic stock location/ batch/ expiry date selection for ultimate stock turnover
  • Add-on orders fusion to prepare as one
  • Truck loading with a loading sequence
  • Skid count per order to confirm loading

Customers and Prospects Module

  • Detailed Customer File with multiple contacts
  • Sales Statistics
  • Invoice history
  • Separate Identification of prospects
  • Enables you to search in your customers, your prospects or both

Quotes and Orders Module

Transfer your quote in part or as a whole to an order or a task by the simple push of a button

  • Invoice your orders with a single press of a button
  • Special orders linked to purchases
  • Order management by statuses
  • Add-on orders management
  • Real time stock level when filling your customer’s order
  • Credit management with authorization
  • By margin and payment delay

Sales promotions module

  • Fidelity points program
  • Define promotions in rebate % or dollars
  • Promotions by steps by products or product groups
  • Promotions with free items upon a products list validation
  • Promotions with Supplier’s participation %
  • Report to evaluate and claim your promotions

Special prices module

  • Special prices per customer or customer groups
  • Price list in rebate % or net prices
  • Price list can be updated on cost change or on renewal
  • Special prices with sales volume guarantee also available

CRM module adapted to your industry

  • Enter follow ups notes and sort them by subject, by project, by appliance
  • Set up recalls on your dashboard, by SMS and/or email for a customer, a quote, an appliance, a task

Merchandise Authorized Returns Module

  • With authorizations from warehouse, purchases and or credit pending on event


  • Purchase Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock shortages Management
  • Purchase’s needs interface with sales statistics adjusted with actual sales variations and easy Min-Max adjustment
  • Average supplier replenishment delay
  • Import your supplier’s price list from a spreadsheet
  • Integrated special orders management linked to sales orders with stock protection
  • Imports purchases follow up widget
  • Follow your containers step-by-step

Profitability by customer, by contract, by project, by task, by Make and Model and by employee… In real time!

See where a real integrated management software can get you!!