Evolution Delivery Software

A software managing your building supplies’ delivery from orders to deliver’s preparation all the way to worksite’s delivery

Connectivity to your actual accounting software

  • Acomba,
  • Acomba X,
  • Avantage,
  • Solusoft,
  • OGC
  • and others

Can run as an external system synchronizing data with your actual ordering and invoicing system

Split your orders per Branch, Store, products locations and/ or specific materials

  • Sale and delivery Branch
  • In store stock- Yard stock- Heated warehouse stock
  • Interior system’s order, Roofing orders, regular orders, etc

Know, in real time, who’s doing what and where, from your yard employees to your truck drivers

  • Yard operations from a tablet interface

Order Preparation- Yard

Print picking list, end of preparation procedure enabling location of prepared orders and the number of bundles/skids it contains to ease up and accelerate truck loading

Order Preparation- In Store items

Specific picking list and location

Order Verification

  • Allowing order verification prior to delivery
  • Allows for correcting errors before loading and for collecting crucial data to feed your continuous corrective actions’ processes

Trucks loading

  • Loading list in loading order (last delivered, first loaded)
  • All collected information per order to reduce loading time:
    • Main order location and number of bundles/skids
    • In Store stock location and details

Secondary Assignments

List of tasks enabling non-productive time collection

Dispatch module (per load, per truck)

Vehicles’ table with load capacity in or out of thaw period

  • Vehicle’s types definition
  • Editable start and end dates of thaw period

Dispatch by day, by promised time, by load, by truck

Visual tool to plan your loads with map display of delivery addresses

Load weights validation with available trucks’ load capacities

Ability to make truck ensemble (add a trailer)

Plan your driver’s and helper’s truck assignments and next day start hour, send confirmations by SMS

Live color changing display upon orders preparation and delivery statuses’ evolution

  • To prepare- Preparing- To verify- Verifying- To load- Loading- Loaded
  • En route- Delivering- Delivered- With error- Unable to deliver

Delivery follow through mobile App

Listing orders to deliver by load in dispatched sequence

Departure notice with photos and “In store” stock load confirmation

Worksite arrival notice with delivery confirmation on “In store” stock too often forgotten in the truck’s under bed side boxes

End of delivery notice

End of load return to branch notice

  • Notice to return to next load’s planned branch in a multi-branch environment

Yard operations’ management screen enabling in one glimpse to know

Displayed day’s workload left

Real time assignment of every yard employee

Every order’s dispatched planning

Every order splits’ progress

  • Yard Stock- In store Stock- Heated warehouse Stock

To prepare” orders automatic sequencing by preparation priorities and editable if needed

Pre-sorting of orders

  • Enables validation before yard production
  • Separate management of orders “To prepare”- On call or on hold orders – Stock transfers

Obtain detailed data on all of your delivery operations

  • Productive VS non-productive time of yard operations
  • Cost and time of preparation per order, per line, per dollar, per employee, per customer
  • Error rate per order, per product, per employee, per branch
  • Yard loading time VS Driver’s loading time
  • Delivered dollars, per branch, per truck types, per truck, per driver, per order, per customer

Finally you will have the tools enabling your management team to take the right decisions and implement continuous corrective actions!!